Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Beauty and Toothwort

Nothing says spring like the early spring wildflowers.  I went up into the woods this morning to collect wood to start a fire  I was delighted to see the first native wildflower:

 From a distance, you would not see the Spring Beauty at all.  The lance-shaped leaves and 5 petals are small.  After a week, the woods should be covered with them and you still will not notice them until you look down.

Next, I spotted the toothwort not far away, just beginning to bloom.

 It wasn't long before the flowers opened.

 A couple of hours later, toothwort was in full bloom and attracting native bees (too fast for me to take a photo).

Spring is really here but weather changes quickly.  As I write this, I hear thunder.  And, the weather forecaster is calling for much colder temperatures tomorrow.