Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Weary!

We have had snow on the ground since Valentine's Day.  I hadn't taken much in the way of photos--winter is not my favorite time of year but I decided I better get out and take a couple of photos before it melts.

 Castle Rock, Pembroke, VA
Last week, I photographed a few of my favorite places in Giles County.  This is Castle Rock on the New River in Pembroke.  At one point, ice covered the river but it is slowly melting.

 Pearis Mountain (on left)

This view of Pearis Mountain is from the top of Guinea Mountain near Eggleston.  On the right side of the photo, Peters Mountain (more than 15 miles away) shows the gas pipeline clearing that goes to Celanese Plant in Narrows.  That pipeline is only 12 inches in diameter.   Locals are fighting a proposed 42" fracked gas pipeline that will go a similar path but crosses 15 miles of the county.  None of the gas will benefit the county and be exported.  There are 5 similar pipelines proposed for the state.

Descending down from the top of Guinea Mountain, I stop to take a photo of our Rye Hollow with Walker Mountain in the background.

Finally, here is a photo of Walker Creek. 

A good sign---3 immature Red-Winged Blackbirds came to our feeder today--the first of many migrating birds I hope.

Stay warm!