Monday, March 24, 2008

Snowy Monday

Spring just wants to wait a little longer to come. The temperature last night was down to 29 while it is in the 40s today. Snow flurries were here about an hour ago. On a walk earlier today, I saw spring beauty buds, just waiting for the sun and a warmer day to open up. The spice bush also has had bright green buds for several days.

Early last week, we had a couple of nice rains. With the warmer temperatures at night (50s), I heard both spring peepers and the wood frogs in the bottom of Rye Hollow where there is an intermittent spring. On Tuesday morning, I saw two Great Blue Herons ithere no doubt lured by the frogs. As I turned onto the road, they flew away. Later that morning, I saw another Great Blue Heron on New River. Of course, it flew away too but I shot a photo of the river (see below).

This photo taken Tuesday, March 18, shows where the New River has cut 1500 feet through East River Mountain on the right and Peters Mountain on the left. The aptly named town of Narrows is around the corner and the site of a coal fly ash dump right on the New River (see my other blog "Coal Woes" if you're interested).

Snow flurries are back....


  1. Sounds like the waters are high everywhere! Great news with the peepers and woodfrogs! I can't wait for ours to make an appearance! Maybe next week sometime!

  2. mon@rch--the peepers have fallen quiet arounbd here since we haven't had any rain since last week. I am enjoying the sun though.