Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surprise Tree

A mysterious tree grew up at the edge of the driveway. We had cut down two oak trees in the area because they were interfering with the satellite service. Also, we worry about trees falling on the house, guess that's what we get for living in the woods. Anyway, I planted a couple of rhododendrons and let blackberries and whatever wanted to grow up there. Last year, I noticed an unusual tree among the blackberry briars. The leaves were very long, lanceolate and the flowers were pink.

It was a peach tree, probably planted accidentally by my husband who likes to throw peach pits off the front porch and into the woods. The lovely blossoms froze unfortunately so there was no crop last year. Nevertheless, I watered the tree during the drought last summer, fertilized with compost periodically, and cleared the briars from the base.

This spring, the tree grew by leaps and bounds and was covered with beautiful pink blossoms. Twelve fruits grew slowly but eventually ripened. Today I picked them all!

I got out a bigger ladder to get the ones at the top.

I had to admire my free peaches, perfectly shaped and colored. Now, I understand why the artist Paul Cezanne painted them so much.

The texture and colors are almost like a watercolor (hope Chris is reading this).

I promised my husband I would bake a peach custard pie in exchange for his excellent horticultural skills so I better close and get to work!


  1. WOW! That is pretty amazing that it grew that fast!! Those peaches are gorgeous!! I hope you take a pic of the pie to show us all :)

  2. Kerri--Yes, I believe the tree more than doubled in size this year. We already ate half the pie. It was good but not pretty. Joan

  3. What a wonderful surprise--I'd never have thought it would be that easy!

    I can almost smell the peach custard baking.

  4. Nina--My apple trees I paid a lot for never grew much getting a kind of rust on them. I ended up pulling them out of the ground so it was nice to get this free fruit tree just by tossing out a peach pit. I have to wonder what other trees you can get that way.

  5. What a wonderful treasure find that chose to grow in your yard! The peaches are so firm and healthy looking and I love their beautiful colour. We have just finished renovations on a garden room and have painted the walls peach, to help us think 'warm and sunny' during the long winter months ahead.

  6. ann--we also put a sun room on the south side of the house and I ended up painting it a peach or light adobe color. It is a cheerful color.

  7. What beautiful fruit that tree produced! Worthy of being painted for sure!

  8. Those are beautiful!! Congratulations :)