Monday, January 19, 2009

Digital Frame & Frogs/Toads I Like!

My husband gave me a digital frame for Christmas. At first, I thought I didn't want one because I have framed photographs around the house. Also, the frame uses electricity (11 watts per hour). But, I figured it was a gift so I went through all my photographs, downsizing them, and then put them on the frame. I set it up and now I have about 150 photographs on a slide show--some from my blog, travels, and some unpublished. We only use the frame for less than an hour a day so my worries about electricity were unfounded. This frame will hold 315 photos (about 800 x 600 pixels max. each, 8 megapixels resolution). At the end of this blog, there is more discussion of this frame.

Now, we both enjoy seeing the photographs as a slide show. I am learning which photographs are best and how I can improve on my photography techniques. Also, I see which photographs should be retaken (Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Sapsucker).

At this time of year, I enjoy seeing the spring ones. I discovered a had a few good photos that went unpublished. From these, I wanted to show the frogs.....

A Spring Peeper (only about 1-1/2") was calling just outside our house in 2007. The little guy did not mind the flash on the camera and kept calling. This reminds me that the peepers may call as early as late February--next month! So, spring cannot be far away.

On the same Burning Bush but a larger branch, I snapped this photo of a Gray Tree Frog (about 4") in June this year. At first, I thought it was a toad but they aren't in the branches. I identified it by using my Calls of Frogs and Toads CD and listening to the video I had taken (may get that transferred sometime to the blog--that's probably why I didn't post).

Finally, this photo of the American Toad (I think) was taken back in 2006. We have so many of these toads I guess they seem commonplace. But, I enjoy seeing them and know they are good for the garden where they live in some rocks I have stacked up at the edge--no sense buying a toad house when you can use rocks.

Another feature of the frame I like is that you just hook it up to the computer with a USB cable. Then, the frame is essentially a little hard or flash drive. You can just transfer folders of the photos to the frame. You can also delete photos right on the frame-- too time-consuming because you have to do it one by one by pressing buttons. It's easier to do that on the computer where you can delete many at a time and then transfer the folder to the frame.

Working on my old photo files is a good hobby because I don't like to get out in this cold weather!


  1. howdee..
    I came here to respond to your question about Green Cay and see that you have a post! I was wondering if you have been on vacation...
    nice to see you blogging again..I had to chuckle because most times people use the photo frames for family photos.. but you have frogs and nature photos..I guess I am not the only one...tee hee..

    to answer your question...Green Cay is near between Boca Raton and west palm beach...a Jewel in a heavily populated area.

  2. Won't it be great to hear the peepers again? Nice photographs.

  3. Oh I LOVED seeing your frogs and toad!!

    Your holiday wreath for the birds inspired me to make a Bird Feeder Wreath this weekend. I've posted a couple of pics on my blog. It was fun to make and even more fun to see the birds take to it.

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  4. I plan to add a pond come spring, so I hope to see more frogs around my property soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. Can't wait to hear the first peepers--thanks for reminding me it's only a month away!!!!!

  6. dAwN--thanks for answering my question about Green Cay.

    Yeah, I don't think I have any family photos on my frame--just a couple from traveling.

  7. NCmountainwoman--yes, I can't wait for the peepers and early spring. I have given up on getting any snow this year.

  8. Kerri--I hope to get another wreath out soon. My husband bought a new feeder so I have to find another place for it.

  9. Nature Nut--our pond is very small but has frogs every year. So, I am sure you will have lots of frogs plus birds, squirrels, etc. Water brings out a lot of wildlife.

  10. nina--I hope we have an early spring so I can hear the peepers calling.

  11. Love the frog and toad pics. That is an area of nature that I really am not too familiar with but maybe I can change my focus a bit this coming spring.

    I perhaps initially would have thought like you, not needing a digital frame and would probably never buy one for myself. However, last Christmas my son and daughter-in-law gave me a miniature digital key chain picture holder. It has been very handy when bumping into old friends and acquaintances in the mall who ask of our family, to be able to hand them my keychain and let them have a quick look at our grandchildren. I have arranged the pics so the first few show each child individually and they need go no further than the fifth frame to see them all and I always tell them that, so they are not obligated to look at all the pics. I have really found it handy for I always have it with me. There are so many fun technolical gadgets out there!!

  12. Now that's a great pastime for cold winter days. I've thought of getting a digital photo frame and appreciate your review.

    I'll be hearing peepers within a few weeks, for sure.

  13. me ann my camera--that digital photo keychain sounds great. I think I will check that out for a gift. I have sisters who have lots of grandkids.

  14. Mary--I decided I do like the digital frame. You might check it out for your great photos.