Friday, April 17, 2009

Hive Inspection

These photos were taken late this morning during a hive inspection. Details and particulars are at the end of this post.

4th Frame
Here you can see the cells with pollen and sugar and the two capped cells I was concerned about. The next photo shows the cells close up.

4th Frame (Click on photo to enlarge to see detail)

When I look at this frame on the photograph, there appears to be tiny eggs in some of the cells. I hope you can see them--cells to the lower left. What are the two capped cells, queen or drone? Scroll down to see more photographs.

4th Frame

Once again to the lower left, I think I see eggs. Click on the image to see an enlarged version where you should be able to see what I'm talking about. I guess my camera sees better than I can because I really didn't think there were any when I looked closely.

4th Frame--Close up

The comb is built way up here, maybe 1" or more where the two capped cells are.

4th Frame--Opposite Side.

Here the opposite side shows another capped cell. There are no more capped cells on any of the other frames.

Hive Setup April 17, 2009

This photo was taken maybe 5 minutes after I put the hive back together. The bees had calmed down a lot. They were swirling all around me when I put smoke or used the brush on them.

I put another medium super on top on Monday April 13 as I learned from another beekeeper that when using mediums, you need to put two rather than one or else they get too crowded. When I just had one and then the top medium with the top feeder, bees were staying in the top, even on a cold night. The second medium has 8 frames with wired foundation but the bees haven't drawn it out yet.

History of My English Hive:

April 3: installation of package of bees and queen in plastic cage (which wasn't in the package).
April 6: empty queen cage removed
April 9: hive inspection didn't got too well since I didn't get the bees off the 2 center frames. 4 Frames were drawn out and pollen and sugar syrup were seen in cells.


  1. I love the bee posts. What a wonderful thing you are doing. It is absolutely fascinating.

  2. This is all very interesting..
    I wish you healthy honey-filled hives!

  3. NCmountainwwoman--thanks, I will keep posting about the bees especially when I need for someone to see photos.

  4. dAwN--thanks and I think I got my problem solved for now!

  5. Love your blog; I've been following it since you sent the link to thehive. I'd love to meet you sometime; maybe at one of the bee meetings. : ) my husband and i are getting our first two packages of bees on may 2. i hope it all goes well! it's good to read about other people's experiences.