Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flying Squirrel, Trillium, and Wood Thrush

Flying Squirrel (April 26, 2009)

This Flying Squirrel was clinging to the brick foundation of our house one morning. Perhaps he was chilly.

Large Flowered Trillium (April 26, 2009)

That same day, I made my annual walk up to a hard-to-get-to cove that has trillium covering the slopes. I think I will call it Trillium Cove because it is the only place that trillium grows on our land.

Wood Thrush (April 29, 2009)

On another early morning, this Wood Thrush was sitting on our deck. I had time to get the camera and get this shot. I was a little worried she was sick. Then, another wood thrush called from nearby tree and the bird left to join him in the woods. Guess she was ok, perhaps a little chilly.

The hot weather last week brought all the leaves out. The dogwoods have been as full and beautiful as I have ever seen them, same with the redbud. But, alas, I didn't get a good shot of them. Spring happens so fast in Appalachia.


  1. Lovely work. A perfect trio for Nature.

  2. Great pictures! I especially love the flying squirrel, as people rarely get to see them.

  3. Trillium are one of my favorite flowers!!
    I hope Spring will stick around for a little longer....I don't like to JUMP to Summer too quick.

  4. I hope the flying squirrel wasn't searching for a home. They can really create havoc if they get inside. Trillium is one of my favorite wildflowers. We have them in the area, but none in our woods.

  5. this is so.Cool..
    I was just going to do a post about my flying squirrel. I didn't know they would be out in the sunshine.
    Nice photo..
    I will post mine when i do a blog..but i took mine in the middle of the night thru a screen window.

    ..also was going to post a video with the Wood Thrush singing..I wasn't lucky enough to get a decent photo..

    I missed out on the trillium here..
    humm maybe I will go find one.
    then I can have an almost...copy of your blog..
    tee hee..

  6. Holy flying squirrel! That little guy is awesome! Nice

  7. david--thanks for the visit.

    clark--yes, I was lucky to get that shot of the flying squirrel.

    Kerri--yes, I love the trillium and am glad we had a lot of it. Spring is great--too bad it's so short but then you can go up in the mountains for a repeat!

    NCmountainwoman--yes, we had problems with the squirrels in the attic before. So far, I haven't heard them up there.

    dAwN--do post your thrush video, the sound of the birds is amazing. It's not surprising we would think of the same post this time of year.

    Chris-thanks. I think the flying squirrel is pretty cute too.

  8. Love your little flying squirrel...and the Wood Thrush photo is beautiful. (I can always hear their beautiful song, but photographing one is another story...always too elusive for my lens.)

  9. Flying Squirrel is adorable!

  10. So many lovely things to love at. I have never seen a flying squirrel, that is interesting. I will be back to check out the rest of your wildflowers.

  11. Kelly--wood thrushes are elusive. I was very surprised to see this one on my deck.

    mon@rch--yes, the squirrel is really cute.

    fourwindsphotojournal--glad you got to see this picture of the flying squirrel. They are hard to see since they are usually only out at night.

  12. Awwwww....flying squirrels are simply adorable!