Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wren Visit and Relentless Storm

Yesterday, the rains started in the afternoon. By 9:30 p.m., our power went out and it did not come back on until 11 p.m. It rained steadily all night--this morning the gauge registered 2 inches of rain. The power continued to come off and on all day and evening. Two trees fell on our driveway--luckily small enough that I could carry them to the side.

We are not even on the map for this storm. It's mostly east in Virginia Beach and Richmond which will get as much as 12 inches of rain. The remnants of Hurricane Ida combined with another storm from the west to create a churning storm that is supposed to last until Saturday. This is not good.

Carolina Wren November 1, 2009

Yet, the birds still manage to get to the bird feeders. And The Carolina Wrens visit me on the front porch, fussing at me through the window while I type on my computer. She does this every day but I am not sure what she is trying tell me.

Carolina Wren October 27 , 2009

A pair sleep at night in the clay birdhouse on the south side of the front porch while another pair stay a tolerable distance away on the north side in an A-frame birdhouse. During the summer, they usually raise their young in the houses.

I will especially enjoy the company of the wrens during this storm.


  1. I love the attitude of the Carolina Wrens! I have a pair that stay year-round

  2. John--I love them too. I noticed that there were 3 birds in the 3 birdhouses on the front porch now. They all come back about 5:15 to rest for the night.

  3. I love the carolina wrens..I always enjoy watching them at my sisters in north Carolina.

  4. dAwN--I haven't seen them today but the wrens are probably snug in their houses on the front porch.