Saturday, December 19, 2009

14" of Snow!

It started about 2:00 yesterday and snowed about 1 inch an hour all afternoon, evening, and night. I measured at 11:00 a.m. and it was still 14 inches even though the temperature rose above freezing. On this photo, you can see my dog, Kookie, in the middle coming back up our driveway. She loves it.

It looks like more than 14" on top the bee hive. We cleaned the front opening so that there was ventilation. The bees will cluster with the queen in the center. The worker bees take turns being on the outside (just like in March of the Penguins).

I walked down the driveway (dog in front) in the ruts Steve created with the UTV. He still got stuck in a couple of places--no way our 4WDs will make it out anytime soon. Our road isn't plowed and Interstate 81 is still closed. The governor declared most of Virginia a disaster with the National Guard helping stranded motorists on the interstates.

We had to cancel our trip to the Grand Canyon--we can't get to the Charlotte Airport. But, I guess we will have a white Christmas! And, this makes our dog very happy.

We stocked the feeders this morning with the downy woodpecker already taking big bites out of the suet cake. I noticed so many dark-eyed juncos on the ground--now I know why they are often called snowbirds.


  1. This is the snow I loved..blizzards..deep..snowed in...then it went back to the everyday snow grind and it got old and cold very fast. I'll enjoy it through your picture from sunny FL.

  2. Central Virginia looks much the same, altho I've only been to the storage shed to get cookie sheets! It was a perfect day to make Christmas cookies. Fortunately here it appears that the roads are still relatively warm and the snow is clearing with minimum traffic and without being plowed. We should be able to get out tomorrow if it doesn't ice too much overnight.

    Great pictures. Keep feeding the birds! Hope to get out to refill the feeders here tomorrow.

  3. How about standing outside and getting a nice video of that stuff falling around you...maybe even make a snowman for us...

  4. So sorry about your trip Joan! Beautiful shots!!

  5. Sorry about your trip-but love the snowy pictures. My part of Appalachia only got rain : (

  6. Wowwww..thats allot of snow!
    Wish you could have made your trip to the Canyon..I would have met you at the airport in Vegas with a cup of coffee or something..
    Hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Fantastic New Year!

  7. Carol--we've been busy shoveling the walks and digging our cars outs so doubt if we have the energy to make a snowman.

    Kerri--hope you got out ok with the snow your way.

    tipper--too bad about the rain. Even though the snow's a hassle, I would rather have it than snow this time of year.

    webb--glad the snow wasn't so much of a hassle.

    dAwN--looks like the Grand Canyon getting another storm so glad we stayed home. Would have appreciated seeing you at the airport though.

  8. Love all your shots...thanks so much! And that bird wreath just below is an enchanting favorite.

    Many blessings for a joyful 2010 for you and yours!