Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foggy Bottoms and Sunny Pastures: Buckeyes and Mist Flowers

This morning I walked down our 1/3 mile driveway to get the newspaper. I was in such a funk I didn't even notice that it was foggy until I got down to the bottom.

After the fog burned off, I decided I should take our UTV up on the back part of our land to plant peach and plum pits. I hadn't been up there for over a month.

I was delighted to find mist flowers growing on the very back---up on the side of the mountain. These flowers are often found at the local nurseries but are native to this area.

This soldier beetle seemed to be the only insect on the flowers.

Lots of knapweed (maybe Brown?) grew in the back grown up pasture attracting honey bees like this one. I had been wondering where my bees have been foraging lately. They go out early coming back to the hive with loads of yellow and white pollen. The knapweed was full of them.

I also saw several Buckeye butterflies on the knapweeds and grasses here. Everytime I see a buckeye, I am reminded of the time when I did a lot of embroidery when I lived in Logan, Utah in the 1970s. I had such a good reputation for doing jean embroidery that a friend asked me to embroider his wedding shirt (cowboy shirt of course). I ended up embroidering a giant buckeye butterfly on the back which he loved. I thought I had a picture of it but alas no.

This Buckeye was rather worn for wear. Neither of the photos turned out great (like Nina's)but I wanted to post this close-up so that I can remember the patterns. Maybe I will try another embroidery like that someday.

I planted the peach and plum pits in this pasture so I'm hoping someday to pick fruit up here.

There's nothing like getting outside and enjoying nature to lift your mood!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am in love with the High Country. The shot of the beetle on the purple flowers is great! Thanks.
    lg :)

  2. Louvregirl--Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and will check it out often. The high country of the mountains is nice!

  3. The pic did so turn out great! They are awesome! Beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful place. Great photographs.

  5. Oh so true ~ Nature is the best medicine!
    You got some lovely pics! I have seen more buckeyes this year than ever..... such lovely butterflies :)

  6. Little Messy Missy--thanks so much.

    NCmountainwoman--thanks, we do love our place.

    Kerri--the buckeyes were only in our pastures, none around the house.

  7. You really had a wonderful day out. Lovely photos. I adore the Morning Fog.. Just Stunning.
    Enjoyed my visit.

  8. I have never seen a Buckeye..its beautiful.
    You sure live in a lovely area!

    Hey..u havent been on twitter in 246 days..come back!

  9. Great pics and beautiful views. Thanks for taking me with you.

  10. Beautiful buckeye, I love those spots. Also, the fog picture is nice and mysterious!

  11. I enjoyed the pics! very creative :)

  12. Loved seeing that foggy, mystical photo in my blogroll.