Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowed in and Power Out!

Our power went out last evening about 7 after about 9 inches of snow fell.  APCO estimates that our county won't be back online until Tuesday night, making it the third time in a year we have had power outages of more than 4 days (Jan '12 4 days, June 27 8 days and now 6 days).  

 My dog, Kookie, just loves the snow.  Unfortunately she can smell or hear a mouse or vole, then digs quickly to get it. How does she do it?

There were probably as many trees down in this storm as the derecho in June.  Here, two large poplars fell into an oak, beech, and box elder making them fall.   Luckily, this was the road up to the back part of our land and not our driveway where my husband had to cut down an eastern cedar that had fallen.

The sky was so clear--great if you have solar panels.  More and more, those of us who live in rural areas have to be very independent.   We do have a generator but gas is expensive.   So having more power alternatives is something we need to explore.


  1. I am so sorry. We had three feet of heavy, wet snow during the October Sandy Storm blizzard. Fortunately, we had a wood stove.

  2. It's perfectly gorgeous ... to look at, but not so nice to live thru. Nine inches? OMG! You might want to look. into solar panels.

  3. Oh my! Hope you have your power by now. I think Solar is a great idea. We still think of getting them for our Homey.

  4. Everyone--our power was out for 4 days. Our woodstove is much appreciated!