Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snow then 94 degrees!

March was cold and April has swung from highs to lows so far. 

 Last Thursday (April 4), a snowstorm hit without warning.  Seriously, the weatherman said only a chance of wintry weather but 4 inches of snow ended up falling.
 My glory-of-the-snow were true to their name, struggling to bloom thru the snow the next day. 

 The snow quickly melted away with the spring beauties resuming their blooming (photo taken April 7).

 Cut-leaf toothwort bloomed for the first time on April 7, a little late this year.

Likewise, Bloodroot bloomed early April 7.  By the afternoon, the leaf below this flower was out already.

The temperature quickly rose into the 80s on Monday and Tuesday with a high of 94 on Wednesday, April 10! Thursday night, a cool front moved in, and a severe storm rained about 1.5 inches which took care of most of the bloodroot blossoms.

Today, the weather is sunny and not so hot so I plan to get out and work in the garden.   Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Cute little blossoms. Spring is hard on those daly buds.

  2. Richmond has been nearly as bad, but thankfully without that last snow. Am very tired of it and ready for real spring.

  3. Sure did warm up quickly. Hope that spring stays a bit's too warm in NC right now.