Friday, April 3, 2015

Bloodroot and Spicebush Wildflowers

 I noticed Bloodroot blooming for the first time on Wednesday, not an April Fool's joke (hate them anyway!). 

 Bloodroot    April 1, 2015

The flower usually appears before the leaves as in this photo.

 Sometimes the petals look a little different but I count 8 petals each time.

 Here's a specimen where the leaf is being to unfurl below.

 The toothwort are in full bloom having been out for almost a week.

 Spicebush   (Lindera benzoin)

This spicebush would be a lot showier in the yard but the swallowtail butterflies don't mind.  It is a host plant for them and other butterflies.  

 Bees find the spicebush blossoms too although the native bees are too fast for me to photograph.

Here's to spring, my favorite season.


  1. Oh,I love those very early flowers of spring.

  2. Nice to see these signs of spring!

  3. Beautiful, I can't wait! Another month here.