Monday, November 26, 2018

Late Fall

Dogwood November 3, 2018 
 Fall peak foliage here is usually Oct. 20 but not this year and even last year too.  Typically, dogwood trees begin turning maroon color in September.  This year it was late October and as you can see from the photo above, the trees are holding their color into November.

Our driveway on November 3 also was full of color with hickories turning their golden yellow.

On November 6, American Beech trees are yellow with the bright green of the Christmas ferns below.  These trees keep their leaves all winter, only shedding them in early spring.

I love the smooth bark and close up views of the American Beech. 

On November 17, this red oak tree retained the red color.  The red oaks retain their leaves until December although they turn brown. In the foreground is another oak retaining its color well into November. 

Last year, I also noted the late fall.  If this continues, we must consider that our winter is arriving later with spring earlier as well.  It may be because of climate change.  It certainly feels like it here in Rye Hollow. 


  1. Here in central KY we didn't seem to have much of a fall and went straight into winter. Your photos capture fall perfectly.

  2. Thanks for your color. We made a trip to Staunton in early Novemberand were disappointed in the lack of color coming over Afton and in the valley. Glad to know it finally appeared, tho. It was the same here in Richmond, the color came long after I had given up. We still have lovely red dogwoods ... even today. Weird. (Also, nice to see your name pop up this morning.)

  3. Hello. I've been away from blogging from several years, but see that my blog, Appalachian Dream, is still down at the bottom of your blog list. If you wish to update it, here is the new link:
    I hear you about the late fall, but what about...slam!...the early winter? How about all these 20-degree nights! Even back in November! Our geraniums usually last until Thanksgiving.
    Lovely trail photos. And we have one side window that frames beech trees about halfway up the trunk. The leaves are a delight year-round, sunlit or glowing like candles on a rainy gray day.