Thursday, July 18, 2019

Turtles Back to Eat Blackberries

Every year, box turtles come back to visit our yard and eat the blackberries when they are ripe.

 This one appeared on July 11, about one week after the blackberries started to ripen.  I had seen one earlier in June but he was too early for blackberries.

I fed him some blackberries and he gobbled them up!

 Another photo for the record--you can identify box turtles by their pattern on the shell. It does not change and is distinctive for each turtle.

Here he is readily eating the blackberries. 

Another male box turtle visited today, July 18. He has a strikingly different pattern than the previous one.  He also gobbled up blackberries I put in front of him. The blackberries are about done. I will leave the rest for the turtles and birds.  


  1. We always enjoy finding/seeing these box turtles on our farm.

  2. At least turtles are "short" so they leave you plenty of berries up higher!

  3. Love this! That is one traveling turtle! And one smart turtle eating blackberries and all! ;-)