Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fall Foliage 2019

Fall seemed to come a little late this year with the peak around Oct. 28 (rather than Oct. 22 in earlier years). We thought we would not get much color because we had a severe drought in this part of southwestern Virginia.  Six inches of rain fell in October alleviated much of the drought and may have helped the color.  Nonetheless, the yellow poplar trees turned brown in late September rather than yellow.  Only some of the dogwoods showed color too.


  1. Beautiful sights. I love those rich fall colors.

  2. What little color we got this year was late, late, late. We were in Canada in early October - which was supposed to be peak color season there - and saw nary a red or yellow leaf. They were as brown as we were. Come one, Weather. Clean up your act!

    1. Wow--Canada must have had a drought like us. Rains in early October brought out the late color here.