Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rainy Days Bring May Treasures

The base of this oak tree in our woods is always covered with Christmas ferns and moss. After several rainy days, it's perfect.

The rains also bring out the box turtles. This one was trying to cross the road so my husband brought him up on our land where he stayed for awhile, then went back down to the road again.

Another common sight after any rain is the toad, like this one on our deck.

Our yard was covered with Buttercups. I hesitated to mow but finally broke down and mowed for the first time in early May. After one day, the buttercups popped up again, just shorter. I also let the dandelions grow since I noticed my honey bees like to work them.

Here, my dog Kookie (all 86 pounds of her) runs through the back pasture which was covered with buttercups up until this week.

This Columbine was also blooming in early May although this wildflower prefers rocky, dry soils unlike the buttercup which likes moist soil.

May is not complete without a photo of the Wild Geranium, here with a pollinating fly or bee and another getting ready to land.

I have been looking forward to seeing the Black Locust tree bloom this year because beekeepers said that honey bees feed on the nectar. I did not see any honey bees on this tree even though it is only about 10 feet from my hive. The smell of the blossoms is so sweet I don't see how my bees could miss it. Perhaps they went to larger trees which were also covered with blossoms. However, other pollinators were abundant including bumble, carpenter and several other types of bees along with butterflies. Ants and beetles were roaming the twigs and leaves, making for a very active tree.


  1. oh..i have been wondering what the tree is with the pendulous white flowers. Black Locust Tree.
    I like that you keep the weeds growing..when u can.

    That box turtle is beautiful.. I hope one crosses my path.
    You must have been busy..havent posted in a while..
    nice to see you back again!

  2. dAwN--The Black Locusts seem very beautiful this year--the white blossoms covering the trees. There are also Honey Locusts but those don't grow in this region.

    I was busy with a writing project and some political work but that's done for now. I will post soon about a bee workshop I went to last weekend.

    Thanks for your visit!

  3. I love dandelion greens...with butter and salt and pepper...yummmmm

  4. What a happy place to come to. I will definitely be back; we have a lot in common.

  5. Carol--you know I don't think I have eaten dandelion greens but you make them sound quite tasty. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I grew up with toads, and turtles in Oklahoma but rarely see them up here in Maine.

    Love your blog, and have added it to my links.

  7. I can't wait to see more about the bees. Wonder why they are ignoring the locust blossoms?

    We've had lots of rainy days as well. Everything is so green!

  8. NCmountainwoman--not sure why my bees ignore the locust flower. I sure looked a lot while they were blooming.

    I just posted something more about bees--a workshop I attended which hopefully will have interest for both beekeepers and country lovers.

  9. Beautiful pictures- I love the way you capture nature.

  10. Great shots! I lOVE buttercups! When I was a child it was the first flower I could identify! There is just something so sweet and beautiful about those flowers!

  11. I really enjoyed looking at all your photos! I especially like the turtle one!