Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nature Blogging and Twitter

On November 4, I'm making a presentation to the New River Valley Bird Club about nature journals and blogs. Now, I have to think about why I do this. Here are some of my notes:

Why I Blog

I've kept a paper journal for many years but only started blogging two years ago. I'm surprised I'm still doing it but it must be good.

  • I learn something new every time I get on to check my blogroll. Example: post on sandhill cranes.
  • Part of Worldwide Blog Community of Nature Watchers. Each blog is unique, reflecting each person's interests--some informative, lovely, funny, etc.
  • Makes where I live seem special when others are interested.
  • Can post my photos, text, and videos (see below):
  • Collaboration: An artist took this photo from one of my blog posts and made a painting. She sent me a print.

  • time-consuming sometimes leading to lack of focus (must be disciplined to use)
  • interesting posts keep you online and out of nature!
  • weight gain!

Why I Tweet (Sometimes)

I tweeted for the first time a year ago when a fellow nature blogger and myself tweeted back and forth. I couldn't understand any good use for Twitter then. A few months ago, I gave it another try when I noticed some of my favorite bloggers were online tweeting away (Kerri and Dawn). This is what I perceive as the major advantages:
  • Real-time links to relevant posts, images, and other articles.
  • Quick IDs (versus blogs which can take several days).
  • Smart phones allow immediate transfer of data/text from the field.

  • Same as above but maybe even more!

Facebook--I don't use for nature blogging, more of a personal/family connection.


  1. Any advice for this presentation is welcome!

  2. ...you will give a great presentation. I have no advice, but I love being able to peep into all parts of the world to see the birds that live there and read about other bloggers' encounters. It makes the world seem so much smaller and sweeter. Thanks for linking the the Sandhill post. I love them!

  3. Well darn..I got here a bit to late to add to your presentation..
    I echo what u said..
    I love reading blogs..and learning about other bloggers..
    but like you said it takes time out from nature and other things..
    I spent soooo much time reading blogs when the weather was cold last winter..as it warmed up..i spent less and less time reading blogs..and I was torn..i missed catching up on my blogger friends..but i wanted to be out doing the things I love..and when evening came I was either too tired or with friends and family and wasnt online as much.
    I am still trying to find balance..
    I also have been on twitter and have met many bird/nature friends there..also feel like i am missing out when i am not tweeting and catching up on what everyone is doing..
    so need to find balance there too..
    As far as blogging..well..I have been doing it for quite a while so that family and friends can see what we are up too...

    I really love this community..and for me..a travelor it is great to have a community I can travel with..and whats even better is that I can meet up with my blogger friends.

    Anyway..so sorry I missed this post..wish you would have asked me for help..i would have come over...oh well..
    anyway here is more info about blogging from my nature blog network interview..
    if you ever do this lecture again
    Take care..look forward to hearing how it all went...

  4. Kelly--thanks for your perspective on blogging. I'm sending out the URL for my blog to the group so they will send it.

  5. Dawn--great stuff. The folks will be seeing your comment so it's not too late. Also, I showed your blog and they were all impressed!