Monday, March 22, 2010

More of Death Valley

More on our trip to Death Valley first week in March....

Bad Water Basin

Bad Water Basin

Bad Water Basin is 282 feet below sea level and is typically the hottest place in the United States.

It's a short walk out there where the people look like they're walking on icy slush--actually it's a salty wet area.

Textures caused by the salt crystals vary at every location--so different from anything I have ever seen before.

Artists' Loop

Artists Palette is a great place for colors.... these greens (probably caused by copper in the soil) against ochre and rusts of the rocky canyon.

A begging Raven who had this stop all to himself.

It looked like it was raining in the mountains while the valley floor was wet. That was our last stop before we checked in at Furnace Creek Ranch where the warm springs pool (85 degrees) awaited me. I am glad now we only stayed there 2 nights since the room was expensive. So the cheap stays in Pahrump and Las Vegas helped to even things out.

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  1. These are super Joan! Artists Palette really lives up to it's name!