Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Banner and Hokie High

I made a new banner for header of my blog--it's a photo taken at the top of the road we live on down the valley to Walker Mountain. The photo reflects the countryside, pasture land surrounded by forests and mountains.

This was another banner photo I considered--a view of New River.

Hokie High!

Most people know I am a big Virginia Tech football fan. My husband is also a big time Best Buy customer. So, it was a nice surprise when the store manager called to say he had won a raffle for two tickets to the game and tailgate Saturday. My husband could not go but I went anyway. The seats were great but more exciting was that my name was drawn in a raffle done at the tailgate to be on the sideline. I would be there with the Best Buy store manager, the ISP guy who arranged it and another Best Buy customer.

It was so exciting to be near the action. The guy from ISP said we should be alert in case the play went close to where we were standing. Sure enough, I saw quarterback Tyrod Taylor head our way as he was being chased out of bounds. I backed up quickly and had to step aside against the wall to keep from getting hit.

The television camera covered Tyrod coming back onto the field, tossing the football to the official, with me right behind him. (my photo of ESPNU broadcast). Here I am in my tie-dye shirt. I replayed the game broadcast today, savoring in the moment!


  1. What fun! You've probably used up the rest of your lifetime's luck tho - twice in one event!

  2. How lucky can one woman get? So happy you had such a wonderful day. And I do love both of the photographs.

    With your recent good fortune, I strongly recommend you purchase a lottery ticket!

  3. Oh How Fun!!! It was definitely your lucky day!

  4. Webb--It's wierd but I thought I would win that raffle because there were only about 12 people at the tailgate.

    NCmountainwoman--I used to buy lottery tickets a lot when it first became legal in Virginia but never won. Maybe I should try again though!

    Kerri--yes, I will have a less hectic day since VT doesn't play until 3:30 and will watch on TV.

  5. How awesome to win the raffle!

    I love your banner! I think any shot you could pick would make a great one.

  6. Hee hee..nice story..and great picture of you in the background. I love your new header...what beautiful country!

  7. You live in such a beautiful part of our country! I remember driving through the Appalachias when I was a teenager with my family.

    Your photos are stunning. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  8. I've paddled many parts of the New River in NC and VA... once (in 82, i think) I paddled up to Independence VA, five crisp nights on the river, a trip to remmeber.