Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tweeters Needed!

I'm writing a short script about use of Twitter for nature discovery, interaction with other birders, etc. Right now, I'm writing a story based on true events---actual tweets. But, I needed some input from fellow tweeters. What are your thoughts about Twitter?

Do you find Twitter helps you learn more about nature ?

Have you ever had the feeling that Twitter keeps you away from nature?

Do you have specific instances of how Twitter affected you nature-wise?

Any other thoughts?

I have been on Twitter for over a year on a very erratic basis. When I get on there, I follow a lot of links, end up spending a lot of time, and not sure what I have learned. Has anyone else has that experience. Please comment below or through my email:


  1. I think folks my age (older than dirt) don't 'get' twitter. I have accounts, but don't use them. I prefer to google or use google blog search.

  2. Bettyl--I hear ya--I use my accounts sparingly. When I use twitter, I end up going all over the place. But I do gather a lot of information quickly. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have a couple photos of some busy tweeters on my blog this morning
    Oh . . . may be you meant a different sort.

  4. Beyond My Garden--Ha! I have those tweeters lurking around too!

  5. Hi Joan, I do learn a lot from twitter and there are some amazing folks out there.

  6. I am with Bettyl...It's not my cup of tea, but, I've been looking at some of the twitter platforms and think they might help~gail

  7. I'm sorry cant help you there ,I dont belong to twitter,so sorry.Blessings jane

  8. I use Twitter daily, but have to admit the list of people I follow has grown to the point where my Twitter stream is too much information that's too disorganized for me to derive much benefit from it. One of the many viewing platforms Gail mentioned might help with the organization, but those I've investigated looked as if they'd not play well with my dial up. Likewise, I seldom click on links provided in Tweets, because I don't know if they'll be worth the time needed to load -- or if I'll even be able to load the site linked. Of course, those are problems most other people don't have these days.

    There are many great nature bloggers and photographers who Tweet, but I find following blogs works better for me.

  9. I love Twitter...if you want to ask me questions you can email me.
    I have met so many people..and three of us just met up at the Space Coast Bird Festival. Twitter opens up a whole new world of sharing and social networking..Have you seen the Birds and the Bees newspaper I have made from my Twitter stream
    We are always sharing Bird and Nature info..the key is to follow those that have your same interests.
    Also to interact and RT..this is very helps get to know others.
    I have to say it does take away from my blog reading and that is not good..I am trying to find a balance.

    Sorry I am late in replying.
    Hope I can still help you.