Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Downy and Amaryllis

Downy Woodpecker February 13, 2011

This little downy came for some peanut butter I had put in this hanging planter. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to put some flowering plants in it. I looked this morning and all the peanut butter was gone so I replaced with sunflower seeds.

A friend gave us this giant amaryllis a few years ago. It has bloomed nicely ever since. It's especially welcome this time of the year when nothing is blooming outside. I have learned to let it bloom, die back, lay dormant for awhile in the basement. When it shows signs of growth, I bring it back up into the house and water it.

This close up is against my favorite painting done by Pat McKelvey who lived in this area years ago.


  1. I saw a Red Bellied woodpecker today and a Bluejay - spring is surely coming!

  2. You are right it is beautiful and cheery too.

  3. That is an awesome shot against that painting!!
    We have had some amazing weather this week ..... oh, how I wish it would last. I saw my first moth today!!

  4. oh, how i wish the woodpeckers would come to my bird feeder. maybe i should try your peanut butter trick. i put suet out this winter and the starlings have eaten on it quite well. still no woodpecker though, sigh...

    your amaryllis is beautiful. it makes me happy to see someone who can keep a plant alive. i've no green thumb whatsoever.

    hope all is well. have a great night.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting...

    Webb--it's been a great week but I guess the weather is turning colder next week. It couldn't last!

    Beyond My Garden--yes, amaryllis do so much for so little work.

    Kerri--yesterday was great. Spring is coming soon!

    Naquillity--too bad about the starlings. I chase them off if they come by here. We have a lot of snags that attract woodpeckers.

  6. I have always had good luck with natural peanut butter. I just smear it on the bark of the oak tree and everything that comes along takes a bite, or a peck or a lick.

  7. ...the flower is gorgeous. I've always wondered how to get them to bloom again. Now I know...thanks!