Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video for dAwN

As suggested by dAwN, I took a video outside today. The video starts with a view from the front porch, then the beehive, Kookie digging, and finally a white-throated sparrow. Excuse the shakiness on the sparrow. I should have used a tri-pod when using the telephoto.


  1. Cool! Glad you did the bees are very active..It must be fairly warm ...Whats your temp...
    You have a silly pup..what was it looking for?
    I never use a tripod while taking videos..I figure people will just have to suffer through..hee hee...
    thanks for taking the video..
    I love to see what people see outside their front door.

  2. dAwN--bees are pretty active above 40 degrees. It was late in the afternoon so they were returning to the hive. It was 51 degrees--good temp to work outside. Kookie was digging for chipmunks who probably were out at the time. She rarely gets them but once in a while...

    Beyond My Garden--thanks for visiting. It was a nice day.

  3. Everybody looks happy in the sun! Fun video.

  4. Good Idea! I was kind of near a bee hive yesterday and could have sworn I heard my first bee fly by me this year!! It is finally warming up here in the High Country! We are excited for this.
    lg~ Thank you for the video!
    Happy Valentines Day to you!