Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow, Earthquake: That's Spring!

About 10:00 a.m., I walked down the driveway to get the newspaper and take a couple of photos of the snow which had covered the ground and trees.

As I walked down, I heard more than the usual number of crows. Maybe they were crowing about VCU's big win over Kansas in the NCAA tournament yesterday. It's not Virginia Tech but it's Virginia anyway!

The snow covered the redcedar trees across the road, giving cover to lots of wildlife including turkeys, coyotes, and northern cardinals.

This closeup shows the male flowers of the Redcedar tree. So, I was wondering if my bees were bringing in some of this pollen a few days ago. I counted at least 5 different colors--beige, yellow, orange, gold, and red.

Spicebush with snow March 28, 2011

Even the blooming spicebush shrubs were covered in the wet snow.

Spicebush in bloom March 23, 2011

This was how they looked 5 days ago.

Spicebush with Hawthorne in bloom March 23, 2011

The hawthorne shrubs had already leafed out but won't bloom until next month.

Bloodroot March 23, 2011

The bloodroot had bloomed too already.

By the time I got back up the driveway, the snow had already melted! And when I turned on the television, I learned we had a 2.5 earthquake at 4:00 a.m. only a few miles from where I live. That's spring for you!


  1. Wow! Bloodroot. I'm impressed. You seem to be about 2 weeks earlier than we are here in the Mid Ohio Valley. The bloodroot in my garden shows no sign and I will check the woods in the morning. It is still probably a bit early for us so I'll just enjoy yours.

  2. An earthquake! Cool, as long as it does damage. I am perfectly happy to give VT something to play with, as long as it doesn't really affect us. Great snow photos.

  3. Beautiful photographs. Can't believe the Bloodroot is already blooming. I've been to my favorite spots and it's not blooming here yet. We got cold rain, but no snow and I'm just fine with that!

  4. Didn't hear about the quake! They got snow in the mts near us too. We got a little sleet.

  5. Beyond My Garden--yes, it was so warm the bloodroot was coaxed into blooming. The flowers were tightly closed yesterday and it was well below freezing last night.

    webb--we live near or on a fault line so we have earthquakes every few years. Two years ago a 3+ earthquake northwest of us dropped the level of Mountain Lake by 7 feet overnight!

    NCmountainwoman--yes bloodroot and all the other very early spring wildflowers. Maybe they will come out today as it will be in the high 50s.

    Caroline Mountains--the snow stayed on the higher elevations around us. Wish I would have gotten a good photo of it.

  6. ...loved the Bloodroot. I'm going this weekend to find wildflowers to photograph (I hope). Hopefully the snow stays away! Interesting...did anyone feel the earthquake?

  7. I really feel you have a deep connection with nature. It's obvious in your photos and words. Lovely to know this.!