Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Wildflowers and Peepers

Cut-leaf Toothwort March 18, 2011

Temperatures have been steadily warm for the past week, prompting the early spring wildflowers to begin blooming.

Spring Beauty March 18, 2011

Nothing sounds more like spring than the calls of the spring peepers. That evening, I taped the sound of the spring peepers. They have lots of water in the valley to use for their mating routines. I taped them right after sunset the other night. Check out the video below.

Happy first day of spring everyone!


  1. It's about time these things start blooming! I just learned that the root bulbs of spring beauty are edible. They're not bad either!

  2. M.Whittemore--thanks for visiting. The Indians ate the bulbs of spring beauty but I have never tried them. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Nice to see those spring flowers pop up.. And hear the peepers, for some reason I can't play the video with my itouch.. Will have to wait till I get to my computer..
    I am interested in that blog you mentioned- i need all the help i can get-count me in:)

  4. Happy spring to you - our yard is full of color.

  5. FABULOUS! I've been hearing the Peepers too :)

  6. Too bad Spring Beauty doesn't make it down (over?) this direction, but there are enough other wildflowers popping to keep my camera and I busy.

    Hope you have a great Spring.

  7. Wonderful introduction to spring. I'm lovin' it! Thanks!