Thursday, January 30, 2014

Extreme Cold then Warm!

Every winter is different in our area.  This morning the temperature was down to 2 degrees, the same that it was on January 7.  But today it is already warming up to melt the snow (about 36 at 2:30 p.m.) and forecast to reach 60 degrees this Saturday.  These warm-ups (and a woodstove) make these extreme cold spells somewhat tolerable.

Last Sunday, I took this photo just before I turn on our road, about a mile from our house.  I always love the changing views of our hollow (valley) and Big Walker Mountain.  As you can see, we haven't had any deep snows this year.

One of these light snow storms was on January 21 where I ventured down our driveway with Kookie before the snow started melting.   We just seem to miss the big ones that have pummeled the northeast.  I am not complaining though!

I am already looking at seed catalogs and thinking about an early spring garden. 


  1. We have lots of snow if you'd like us to send you some!

  2. We didn't warm up all that much today. Like you, I am so ready for spring.

  3. While I'm on the bottom slope of our very small mountain in Massachusetts, I enjoy (blog) visiting other parts of the country. Great pictures!

  4. Ruth--thanks for the kind note. We do appreciate our area.

    The Furry Gnome--no thanks, winter is not my cup of tea. It just makes spring more enjoyable when it finally comes.

    Ncmountainwoman--spring can't come soon enough!
    Marty--thanks so much for visiting my blog. We are sort of towards the bottom of the mountain (about 1900 sq. ft. ).

  5. we have missed most of the snows too - just getting rain or a dusting of snow.. My hubby is scouring the seed catalogs too - hope it comes soon.