Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Storm Coming?

The weather forecasters seem pretty certain this time we are getting a big snowstorm tomorrow.  So, before I rush out to get groceries like everyone else, I thought I would post some more photos from this winter.

 I was worried about my bees during the extreme cold spells.  Luckily, each cold spell was followed by a few warm days so I saw that the bees were getting out.   Mostly they go to drink water, defecate and look for any pollen.  I did not see them bringing in pollen though---they probably wish they were in Florida. 

 I made another suncatcher at the glassblowing studio.  I absolutely love doing this, especially on a cold day when the furnace is 2100 degrees!

 This closeup shows how it truly catches the sun.  I put something called meridi? which makes those blue and other spots within the glass.

 Here's proof of the warm temperatures.   On January 20, my wildlife camera recorded 66 degrees.

 That evening, a raccoon came to the waterfall.  The temperature was 25 degrees, 41 degree drop.

 I moved the camera a little closer to the pool of water on top.  There I captured over 200 photos of American Robins.  Most people think of them as a sign of spring but they stay all winter here in large flocks.

The robins came even on cold days such as this 14 degrees on January 28.  

It's a beautiful sunny day with 37 degrees at noon.  It is hard to believe we will have a big snow storm tomorrow. 


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  2. Interesting pictures from your woodland camera. Am surprised you don't have cardinals, too. Our trees have been full of them the last couple of days. Batten down the hatches, tho, i think this storm is for real.

  3. webb--you are right. We have 14 inches of snow and more coming. Hope you are alright.