Monday, February 17, 2014

St. Valentine's Week Storm Photos

This storm will be one that I will remember for a long time.  On TV, the weather forecaster said it would be the storm that people will remember about their childhood.

I measured a final 15 inches on our back deck but snow drifts were a lot deeper.  Officially, Giles County received 20-24 inches but that was more in the northern part of the county, especially up in the mountains.

The snow began sticking to the trees Wednesday afternoon but we never lost power.

My husband drove his truck down the driveway, making tracks so we could get out.

 Kookie seemed to get tired of the snow after awhile.

On Valentine's Day, I walked down the driveway, shooting a photo of the bee hives.  During the storm on Thursday, I cleared 4 foot snow drifts on the east side of the hives.  I was afraid the pressure might make the hives keel over.  One hive is slating forward while the other one is backward (or actually fairly level).  I cannot do anything with the hives until there is a very warm day though but I hope the bees survived the storm. 

At the bottom of the driveway, I shot a couple of photos of the pasture across the road.

I was fortunate to see my neighbor who was  driving by on his tractor.  He offered to plow our driveway and I was so grateful I gave him a pint of honey.   Farmers make the best neighbors!  Now, I can get my Mariner up and down the driveway (I don't think I could have with just the tracks since the middle part was too high).

This view from the front porch is one I want to remember about this Valentine's Day.

Another photo for the memories....

The temperature is supposed to be in the 50s  starting tomorrow.  Hopefully, the snow will not melt too fast so that the creeks flood.


  1. Good neighbours are priceless.With all that snow you need someone to clear the road.

  2. A phrase you don't bump into in these parts ... "hope the bees survived the storm". Me, too. I think it is so interesting that you "raise" bees.

  3. You got a bit more than we did at 9". We lost power on Monday when we got an unexpected 2". Then Wed we got the 9" total - more than we have had for a few years here.

  4. Ruth--yes, I am glad the land next to us was bought by a young couple. They are raising cattle and keeping horses on the land.
    webb--yes, I am a little worried about the bees. They survived the cold snaps but it has been awhile. We are warming up the next couple of days so I hope to see a few out.
    Life in the Carolina Mountains--I wondered about NC and 9" still is a lot of snow. Thanks for commenting.

  5. We got 14 inches here. Still a lot on the ground but the roads are clear and the mild temperatures are melting it fast. Lovely photographs. I do hope the bees are all right.