Thursday, February 13, 2014

14" and Still Snowing!

This is the view out my kitchen window at 3:30.  I have been kept busy keeping the bird feeders full.  The squirrels must be in their nests; I have not seen them all day.   The snow is supposed to stop by 5:00.  Then, the winds will pick up.   We are well prepared if we lose power but I hope it does not happen.

This was the view this morning when we only had 12 inches.  It was more fun then for both Kookie and me.   We will not be getting out for another day or two.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


  1. Hope the power stays on and you can enjoy your peace and quiet at home.

  2. Ruth, thanks so much for the note. We will remember this storm for a long time. It is the most snow we have had since the 1996 "storm of the century."

  3. Happy Valentines day to you too! Love the shot of your dog lying down! I think we have about 13 here (much like you :-) ) Stay warm and dry! We went out and got all our supplies before this hit so we are good! I love the snow plow now! Take care AL :-)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    I'm ready for SPRING!

  5. We still have lots of snow despite temperatures today in the 50s! Lots of melting but still lots of snow. We hope to get out tomorrow.

  6. Louvregal--Kookie isn't lying down! She has long legs and the snow is all the way up to her chest. Thanks for commenting.
    Kerri--me too!
    NCmountainwoman--I finally got out yesterday. The snow hasn't melted too much yet.