Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Signs

 Our 19" of snow that fell February 12-13 began melting over the weekend.  By Thursday, February 20, it was mostly gone with only a few patches left. 

On the way back from a meeting in town today, I saw a large flock of mostly red-winged blackbirds along Walker Creek.  Back home, I was delighted to see a couple of crocuses blooming. 

 These are always the first to come up because they are right over the septic tank, a spot that is a little warmer than the rest of the soil in the yard.

 I sat in this cedar bench which we have had for a least 25 years.  I have never stained it so lichens grow on it.

 I guess it is eating away at the wood but I don't want to remove it.

 Here's a little garden of lichens.  I am not sure what the red is?

My wildlife camera did not take any photos of the snowstorm but this one yesterday is intriguing.  It looks like a turkey from the tail feathers.   Next time, I will position the camera right on the waterfall so as not to miss this shot.

Maybe I will hear the spring peepers tonight!


  1. I love seeing those first Crocuses,they are such a welcome sight.

  2. I am so ready for spring. I'll have to check my neighbor's crocus. (I don't have any)

  3. Loved these shots! Thank God the flowers are coming! I so enjoyed seeing yours~we have none yet at 4000.

  4. Another snow storm hit us yesterday but only about an inch fell. I guess it is pretty but I am so ready for spring.
    Thanks for the comments all.