Saturday, May 6, 2017

Natives gone wild!

Spring happens so fast. Before I know it, the trees have all leafed out and we are enclosed in the forest.  Toothwort and Bloodroot are long gone and replaced with wild geranium and woodland plox. 

 This wild geranium was transplanted years ago from the woods.

I wasn't quite sure why insects were on the geranium since they did not look like bees.

 Daisy is always sniffing around the flowers.

I transplanted these sensitive ferns from our ATV road where they would have perished.  They are flourishing here.

Rhododendron grow in areas around here but not on our side of the mountain so I have planted them over the years.  This one I planted in the woods and it seems to have fought for the sunlight.  I like the natural shape of it instead of the rounded ones that are in our yard.

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