Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Resolutions

Since we don't really celebrate New Year's Day on January 1 much, I decided my real New Year's Day will be Earth Day every year. My resolutions are at the end of this post.

On Sunday evening about 7:30, I went on an evening walk. Right away,I heard a familiar bird song. It was so beautiful; what was it? Then, I looked closer at the bird and recognized the Wood Thrush. They had returned! The thrush was loud and calling to another who returned the call. They both filled the woods with their lovely songs, sounding like many more. I wonder if they are the same birds as last year or if we get new Wood Thrushes every year.

With several inches of rain in the past week, our woods have greened up quickly with the Yellow Poplar trees leafing out. Red bud are in full bloom.

Photo: April 18, 2008

Mayapples have formed thick stands in the woods. This Mayapple, though, seemed to prefer being alone.

My Ten New Earth Year Resolutions:

1. Continue my nature and environmental blogs.
2. Use my solar oven for baking and cooking some.
3. Use my clothes line more for drying clothes.
4. Use solar energy more for recharging batteries.
5. Replace more lights with LED lights (having already replaced incandescents with CFLs).
6. Investigate more use of solar and wind for our electricity use.
7. Grow bigger vegetable garden.
8. Buy local meats and vegetables more.
9. Make less car trips.
10. Be a good land steward to provide a good home for wildlife.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Excellent resolutions, all! We dried our sheets on the line today! I love climbing into bed when the sheets are line-dried!

  2. I love your resolutions - they are great reminders for all of us.

  3. Thanks for doing your part in passing the word about your Earth Day Resolutions! Happy Earth Day!

  4. Jennifer--I'm waiting for sun to come out to do another load of wash. I actually enjoy doing it and it takes so little time.

  5. Shellmo--thanks for visiting my blog. Now I just have to follow thru on all those resolutions.

  6. mon@rch--Thanks and I'm getting ready to put my sun tea out today!