Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Red-Tailed Hawk Sighting--Sample Post

Red-Tailed Hawk October 23, 2009

I posted this photo last night as part of my presentation to the New River Bird Club. Now, the back story.....

For several days in late October, a pair of red-tailed hawks have been in our driveway (1/3 mile through a wooded hollow). That's not unusual but I never get a photo because a hawk quickly flies away. This time the hawk did not--he just flew up into a tree and so I was able to get this shot. I think the hawks were on some dead animal but I am not sure what since I didn't see it.

Notes on Posting Photos

Blogger allows quick posting of photos but the resolution is low. So, I clicked on the "Edit Html" tab to find the size: "width: 320px; height: 213px;" Then, I multiplied times 1.3 to get a 416 x 277 resolution and pasted those numbers over the original ones. Once published, a reader also can click on the photo to see the larger resolution (this one is 1687 x 1124 pixels). They have to click back to get to the post (ought to open up in a new window!).

I also feel it is important to post the date your photograph was taken. I know when I see great photos on other blogs, I want to know the story behind them--when and where found, situation, date--maybe even the weather if relevant. That to me is the essence of a nature journal or blog.

Someone came up to me last night and cautioned about indicating the location of rare flowers, butterflies and birds in case someone might be inspired to collect them. I agree. I don't think most bloggers I read post that detailed information. Nevertheless, his caution is worth noting.

Welcome New Bloggers!

I hope some of you who saw my presentation last night might be encouraged to start your own nature blogs. You can get inspired by clicking on some of the blogs in my blog roll. In a few moment's time, you can travel all over exploring nature through the eyes and voice of some very interesting people!


  1. Howdee..did you do that as an example for your presentation tonight? the reason I am asking is that you just put post as your title..
    So i am guessing that is what u are doing..let me know if I am right..

  2. NCmountainwoman and dAwN--thanks! I will add the back story to this photo this morning. Yes, it was the example I used for the presentation. I showed how fast you could do a post.

    I only spoke for about 25 minutes. Another speaker spoke about nature journals for children too. But, I covered a lot about nature blogs. I didn't get into Twitter though but maybe some will click on my tweets to the side to check that out.

  3. Awesome hawk shot! I'm glad he didn't fly away!

  4. Chris--yes, I was so glad to see the hawk stay--now about that great blue heron on the creek I have seen the last few days... S

    Someone asked me at my presentation about drawing/sketching so I showed your blog. Maybe they will check it out to learn how to sketch nature.

  5. Chickens are not nearly as bad as say a milk cow or something. If left for a couple days with a feeder and water container full of water, they will be fine with no extra care. It also depends on whether you "close" them up in their house or just let them go in to roost. Their eggs could be left and a hen just might "set" on them. They're also ok for a day or two in the nest w/o spoiling. You might have to throw out some eggs when you got back. But any animal, as a cat or dog can't be left for weeks on end. : )

  6. canningmama--just so others know, your comment is a reply to my comment on your post. You are making me interested in raising chickens (something my parents did most of my growing up). Thanks for your visit.