Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Williamsburg Wreaths

 Wreath made of apples, pineapples, balsam fir and dried flowers.

It's been months since I posted anything--time just gets away from you.  I hope to do better in 2013. 

Last weekend, I attended a political meeting (gives you some idea of what I have been doing this year!) in Colonial Williamsburg.  I justified going at my own personal expense so that I could see the holiday decorations at Williamsburg.  I didn't go inside any of the buildings since I arrived late in the afternoon and didn't want to pay the $40 ticket to gain access.   There was plenty to see outside.   I took lots of photos of wreaths to inspire me to make another bird wreath this year.

 This wreath was topped with an arrangement of branches with the cones and dried marigolds.  All the wreaths are made completely from natural materials.

 Grasses, cornhusks (for the petals), and raw cotton were found in this wreath.
 These dried flowers and berries were for sale in the garden area.

 Wheat, dried flowers, and orange slices make up this wreath.

Pine cones and red dried flowers against the boxwood greenery make a fine Christmas wreath.

 The sea shells make for an unusual wreath.
 Pomegranates and red berries accent this wreath.
 One of the park interpreters was explaining to me that all the wreaths are made in the landscape department by workers and some volunteers.   The long spikes on these wreaths appeared to be the dried flower stalk of mullein plants, a common wildflower in cleared areas.

This must be the "Tea Party" wreath--the paper says "Don't tread on me" along with the drawing of a serpent.
I wonder if birds are attracted to the orange slices? 

I will try to put this up on Pinterest too!