Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walnuts everywhere

We have Black Walnut trees on the front and back of our land. I have never collected the walnuts but am seriously thinking about doing so this year because there are so many.

October 11, 2008

This tree on top of a pasture seemed to have the most walnuts. It gets plenty of sun but is not in a moist area which most experts say it needs.

September 22, 2008

I took this picture of two walnut trees in a foggy pasture last month. Most farmers do not clear walnut trees when they clear land for pasture. The reason may be that the trees are worth a lot for timber. Many people collect the walnuts to sell them so that may be another good reason for keeping the trees.

I have been remiss in posting to this blog but that's because I have been writing feverishly on my political blog (see profile). Hopefully, after the election, I will get back to posting once a week.


  1. The tree in the mist is lovely. The election coverage and campaigning is coming to a head and I'm sure you are quite busy!

    I'll be glad when it's over.

  2. Oh yes. Do collect the walnuts. So many things to do with them.

    I checked your political blog. Kudos for the hard work you are doing!

  3. Lovely photos! It brings back my childhood! I had the awful job of picking up all the black walnuts in the yard so it could be mowed. My hands would be stained for weeks!

    Where I grew up in the Ozarks black walnut was called the money tree or retirement! For the wood of course. I even remember a song about the black walnuts called "The Money Tree."

    There were people who picked black walnuts for the husks. There were commercial buyers for the husk for dye (well that was 20 years ago).

    I think my hands are turning brown just thinking about it!!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  4. That looks vaguely dangerous to walk on, like slipping on marbles. Walnuts are my favorite nut. I'm assuming they are the edible ones?

  5. We have walnuts everywhere, too.
    Your rolling hills are very pretty to look across.

  6. This is just a lovely atmospheric photo.

  7. Mary--I'm late to comment but now I'm looking forward to inauguration.

    NCmountainwoman--I did collect the walnuts and cracked some with a vise--very difficult to get the meat out.

  8. Pam--think I will try to sell the walnuts if we ever get a bumper crop again. I only collected from a couple of trees and had a bushel.

  9. Robert--well that tree is way far away from where I walk. We still have a bumper crop of hickory nuts I keep thinking I should rake up since they are in the path of walking.

    These walnuts are edible but the black walnuts seem to have a much stronger taste to them than the English walnuts. Best for baking I guess.

  10. Nina--thanks for the note.

    John--also thanks for the compliment on the photo. I get to see the trees in that pasture everytime I walk down the driveway to get the paper and the mail.