Thursday, September 24, 2009

House Hunting Wren and Migrations

Every winter, Carolina Wrens sleep on my front porch. This wren seemed to be checking out the clay birdhouse. Not sure she will like it since bumble bees nested there this summer although they are gone now. The last few nights have been very warm so maybe the wrens don't need the cozy shelter.


Birds are migrating through here. The American Redstart has been seen in our little pond/waterfall this week. I have seen this bird before but not so close to the house. Also very close was a Brown Thrasher in a thicket of blackberries and multi-flora roses.

Monarch Butterflies are flying south to Mexico, passing through Virginia right now. It's amazing that they fly that far on such fragile wings.

I saw one earlier this week in my yard and then this one yesterday. They seem to stay for several hours feeding on the nectar and then leaving. I thought I saw one flying high in the sky, above the trees.

With the sunlight shining through, the wings look like stained glass windows.

I saw two Monarchs this morning at two different stoplights in town. Both butterflies seemed to know to fly well above the traffic. I wondered if anyone else noticed.

Good Migrations!


  1. Yeah...great time of year...Heres hoping the bird and butterfies have good Migrations..
    actually when I read Good Migrations I couldnt help humming it to the Good Vibrations tune.

  2. I hope the little wren makes a home on your porch!

  3. dAwN--yeah, I kept hearing the Good Vibrations tune too when I made this post. Good migration to you too!

  4. Great photographs. I should think the clay house would be a mite chilly for the wrens over the winter. Perhaps they plan to use it only for the fall.

  5. wow!!!! Amazing pictures- that honeybee with ears is incredible!

  6. NCmountainwoman--maybe all the nesting material in there keeps them warm. They used it for the past 2-3 winters.

    JRandSue--thanks so much for the visit.