Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Colors in Appalachia

Dogwood Leaves

Having traveled to the Northeast and seen the brilliant colors of the Northeast states, it has taken me awhile to appreciate the more subtle colors of my fall woods. The dogwoods are the first to change color--maroon but like all the trees, each tree varies. Some are still green or others, like the photo above are in the process.

The Sugar and Red Maples are the main color in the woods with the tulip poplars already shedding most of their leaves.

Red Maple Leaves

Sourwood Leaves

Around our house, I enjoy the red and orange colors of the Sourwood. The trees keep the bright red for a couple of weeks. The American Goldfinches are enjoying eating the seeds.

Spice Bush Berries

These berries stay on for most of the winter while the dogwood berries are being eaten quickly--yesterday by a flock of Cedar Waxwings.


  1. I do miss the dogwoods! They are my favorite tree. Nice shots.

  2. Your woods could be my woods here in Ohio...but I don't have the beautiful mountains...Both my parents were from Norton, Virginia.

  3. Beautiful colors in your woods! Your dogwood shot is gorgeous! Frame it!

  4. Lovely fall colors! I've never been up North to see the fall colors so I guess I don't know what I'm missing....but I LOVE our Fall colors in the SW Virgina!

  5. Beautiful photographs. I fear the wind and rain are going to play havoc on our fall color, but I love it anyway.

  6. Oh, beautiful! Such lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing. We here in northwest Alabama are not getting this much color yet, but it's been cool lately so maybe it's coming.

  7. Bettyl--thanks for visiting. I love dogwoods too.
    Wanda--yes, the trees probably are the same as those in Ohio.
    dAwN--thanks for the note.
    NCmountainwoman--the wind/rain didn't hurt too much.
    Coffee with Cathy--bet you have a lot of color now!

  8. Kerri-didn't see yours until after I posted my comment. The north has brighter colors as I remember from my couple of trips up there in the fall.