Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back! Flowers and Birds

I lost my School Board election by 68 votes (1104 to 1036), the closest race in the county and the reason why the results weren't posted until 11:30 p.m. last Tuesday night. Had I been able to capture just 35 more votes from my opponent, I would have won. The results by precinct or town were Eggleston (227-210), Pembroke (602-468) and Newport (243-325 with me getting 57% of the vote!). Considering that I'm a newcomer to local politics, it was an accomplishment. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

I'm back to posting again but haven't done much in the way of photography for the past 2 months. I did find these photos on my camera's memory disks.

Great Lobelia

This native wild flower is my favorite of the fall with its deep blue color. It's usually right along side...


The white flowers of snakeroot bloom in the woods.

In early October, a flock of birds stopped by the backyard---American Redstart and these others....

Cape May Warbler (UPDATED from comments)

Black-Throated Blue Warbler (UPDATED from comments)

My other very blurry photo shows a white stripe on the black wing which you can see a little of in this photo.

For the past week or two, I spotted a pair of ruby-crowned kinglets. I had never seen these birds before so it was very exciting to see them flying around the understory. I don't think I have ever seen birds move the way they do.

Finally, I have to post a photo of my dog, Kookie. She is happy I am back with my old routine. When I came home from campaigning in the afternoon, I could tell she missed her afternoon walk and worse, she smelled other dogs on me!


  1. Howdee..and welcome back~Sorry you didnt win the election..maybe next time.
    I think your birds are a young Cape May Warbler and a Black-throated Blue warbler. I am sure on the second bird.
    Cute pup..I am sure she is happy to have more time with you now.

  2. Black-throated blue warbler, one of my favorite warblers. Not so sure about your first photo of the young bird. I'm sorry you lost the election but it's good to have you back in the blogosphere

  3. Dawn Fine--thanks for the ids. I think you are right about them. I knew I could depend on a birder.

    Carolyn H-thanks for the ids and I'm excited about the black-throated blue warbler. Wish I had gotten a better photo.

  4. Welcome back. Great showing as a newbee! Next time :)

  5. Pam--yes, I learned a lot as a first time campaigner. All odds were against me but I managed to get very close anyway.

  6. Have been missing your posts, but sounds like it was time well-spent.

  7. I agree with the others on the IDs, nice post!

  8. Webb--thanks for missing me! And, I think I learned a lot from the campaign.

    Scott Simmons--glad you agree and I will revise the posts to reflect the ids. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Welcome back! The photo of the dog is priceless!
    Happy and a blessed Thanksgiving to you A.L.!

  10. Glad to see you back! I'm like Kookie - I like routine too :) Those birds are lovely!!

  11. Just stumbled across your blog looking for new stuff to read... love your lobelia pic, and Kookie is adorable! Sorry about your not getting voted in, hope it wasn't too much of a blow.