Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where is Spring?


In the past week, it has snowed several times and temperatures have stayed below freezing most nights.  A gradual warm-up this week won't make up for the coldest March I can remember.

It's not just here in the Appalachian Mountains that March is turning out to be the coldest, snowiest month.  Just look at these maps checking out the snow cover of the United States on March 25 of 2012 and this year.  In last year's post "Early Trillium, Spring out of Whack," I was bemoaning the fact that the poor bloodroot flowers were sprout thru thick green vegetation.

The birds have flocked to the feeders, sometimes hundreds of them. 

The Eastern Towhee has come back from wintering somewhere, probably Texas. He must be wondering where spring is too.  The black-eyed juncos (above the towhee in the photo) will stick around until the end of April when they will migrate north or maybe just higher into the Applachian Mountains.

This morning, I noticed that this cut-leaf toothwort was brave enough to peek thru the leaves.  Hopefully, it will bloom by this weekend when it is supposed to warm up.  It is surely late this year.  But, if you asked me which I preferred, a hot or cold March, I would have to say a cold March.  It makes spring all that much sweeter when it finally arrives.


  1. I am new to your blog,but really like what I'm seeing. Spring is slow here as well.There is still a heavy blanket of snow over almost everything

  2. Lovely shots..... but I really hope Spring arrived soon!

  3. What a difference a year makes doesn't it? Thank goodness for the birds and their beautiful bright calls. I had purple martins and tiny little woodpeckers and cardinals all messing about looking for bits and pieces in my leaf covered and completely flower-less garden. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer and then it will come like an avalanche - and we'll forget all about this cold spring.

  4. Love your photos!
    I keep seeing Toothwort on people's blogs. I need to go look for it here in Mississippi.
    Happy Wildflower Wednesday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Maybe it really is happening that temperate countries will get longer winters, while hot tropics will be warmer. I read from blogs that that they are mostly waiting for their springs longer now. We here on the other hand have longer and drier hot seasons. I guess our world is already complaining.

  6. Ruth--thank you for visiting. Spring is very slow to come to our hollow.

    Kerri--spring should come this weekend at least!

    Barbarapc--spring is so different this year. Snow is lovely but not appreciated in spring.

    Lea--our woods are fill of toothwort but I have to get out and walk in them or I miss the tiny flowers.

    Andrea--not sure what is happening but extremes of weather is here to stay. It's the new normal.

  7. The only thing I don't like about such a cooler March is that everything will pop open at once rather than our usual unfolding. Great photographs. Our towhees are singing loudly every morning.

  8. where indeed is Spring?
    It's not even just in the US that the weather has been cold, it's barely above freezing here in Ireland, and we've had lots of snow.
    Not sure I'd prefer a cold March, other than it might kill lots of viruses!
    Aren't plants so brave to poke through the cold soil?

  9. yes, where is spring! We're about 16 degree cooler than usual, although, it's better than last years summer melt down in April. We have Eastern Towhees hanging out beneath the feeders~They are fun to watch. Happiest of soon to arrive springs.