Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Red-Eyed Vireo

I had this on Twitter but no one commented so I put it up here. Last week, I was up on our back pasture collecting old hay for mulch. I was driving our UTV (like an ATV but with cargo load). I heard a bird calling frantically. I stopped the vehicle and walked back, thinking I might see a snake or other predator. But, a Red-Eyed Vireo was trying to get me away from a nest I thought but I searched in nearby trees to no avail.

Finally I spotted this baby Vireo on the ground. As I edged closer, he looked at me but didn't seem too frightened. Hopefully, he was able to fly toward his mother who was in a nearby tree.

I don't know what it is about the Red-Eyed Vireos but I have seen many of them this year. When the field guide says they are common in wooded areas, they mean it.

Yesterday, I saw a baby Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in a crevice of a landscape log (also popular with my cats for scratching). I watched the father frantically calling to the fledgling to fly to him. After awhile, the young bird did fly up into a dogwood tree. Then they both flew away to the safety of the woods, far from the cats.

At the feeders, I saw male purple finches feeding their young too. I see this pretty often as the fledglings make a lot of noise and so I check the feeder.

P.S. I took the advice from the previous comments on how to post this photo. it's still not as clear as the original photo.


  1. Oh, how sweet! Or goofy, I'm not sure. :o) I hope he and mom were reunited.

    (The resolution is pretty good with a double-click.)


  2. I did not see this on twitter! This little guy is sooooo cute! And Jain is right, if you double click on the pic the resolution is great!

  3. Oh, what a face on that little vireo! It looks as though it has quite an attitude!

    Carolyn H.

  4. What a sweet little baby! Glad you posted here because I refuse to follow anyone on Twitter.

  5. Jain--I am sure mom scolded him after I left!

    Kerri--he was very cute and not at all afraid of me.

    NCmountainwoman--don't get on Twitter much but am still trying to decide if it is good use.

    lisachasos--thanks for visiting!

  6. Carolyn H.--he does seem to have an attitude. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Oh what luck to get such a cute photo of the precious little babe.

  8. He's adorable, and I thought your photo was great. I too don't follow twitter so I'm glad you posted the fellow here.

  9. Hope the young vireo found its way! I guess this time of year some make it and some dont.
    I just noticed you are on twitter I am following u now!
    see u there!