Sunday, July 19, 2009

Posting Question

Does anyone know the best way of posting photos to your blog? I downsize my photos to 1024 x 780 approximately so they load faster. Then, I edit the html to make the photos slightly larger than the 320 x 240 size Blogger automatically uses. Even at 480 x 360, the photos are not as sharp as when you click on them and get the full 1024 resolution. This is most apparent with vista views--large landscape. Yet, I have seen photos sharper on other blogs. Is it something I am doing or is it just Blogger?


  1. You may want to try using Windows Live writer
    It is a free download from microsoft
    I like the flexabilty for blogger.
    many size photos..u can make up your own size..and have it link to whatever size photo u want when clicked on.
    Check it out..
    if u have any questions about it I can help u out.
    once you use live writer to publish your wont publish again thru blogger.

    much more versitile!

  2. dAwN--Thanks--I will check Windows Live out.

  3. I like to resize my photos to 1600 x ~1200 in Photoshop Elements using the bicubic mode then upload to blogger. I like the resulting resolution

  4. John--I will try that sometime if I don't have a photo that already cropped smaller than that resolution. I definitely need to keep playing with posting photos! Thanks for the note.

  5. I love Wordpress for my blog and Flickr for my photos. When you post photos to Flickr, it creates several sizes for you. My "big" ones are the "medium" size 500Xwhatever. I usually tweak the html to make them 450 by whatever so that they fit on the template i'm using. I pay for a "pro" account in Flickr and it gives me lots of ways to organize and search my photos, and unlimited storage. In Wordpress, I just link to flickr for the photos. (Can you do that from blogger?)

  6. Not sure, I always load my photos from flickr.