Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wildlife camera photos

 I changed the header photo to illustrate what our weather has been like this summer.  There have been few sunny days and mostly rain--tons of it.

My wildlife camera smapped photos of these deer early in June.   The doe...

and also the doe with her fawn on June 10.   I moved the camera because the last flood swamped it with water. 

I put the camera here along the upper road, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bear which our dog chased a couple of weeks ago right in this area.  Instead, I was glad to see the fawn and doe had not been eaten by the bear.   I believe it is the same one spotted in June, quite a bit larger ....

...and following the doe.

 I check my wildlife camera every week or so.  When I placed it on the waterfall, I spotted all kinds of wildlife--squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, pileated woodpeckers, blue jays, scarlet tanagers, etc.  But the most frequently photographed specimen was....

the Wood Thrush! Here is a cropped photo where the bird looked right into the camera.  I must have counted a dozen photos of the wood thrush getting a drink out of the waterfall.  I just noticed this week that the wood thrushes are quiet, perhaps they have already left our hollow to fly south for the winter.


  1. Oh how fun to see what is visiting when you aren't there to see it yourself!!

  2. That does it! I have to get me one of those. Love your shots!

  3. Beautiful images, nature is amazing:) Greetings