Friday, August 30, 2013

Cape Charles, Virginia Trip

 Early this month, we made a quick trip to Cape Charles, Virginia which is on the Eastern Shore.  The town is full of beautiful Victorian houses like this one facing the bay.  

We brought our dog, Kookie, for a change since we usually put her in the kennel on our trips.  She was a little nervous the whole time but eventually calmed down.

 Of course, there is always an osprey around.

Cape Charles is near the Eastern Shore of the Virginia National Wildlife Refuge which we visited our last evening.  It was empty of people and birds but the peace and solitude was nice.  By now, the refuge should be filling with migratory birds. 

Above is a little video of my dog on her first reaction to the bay.  She is scared of the little waves even though this is the same dog who chased a 300 pound bear down our driveway!


  1. Very nice pictures! The Eastern Shore is an interesting place. So many birds!

  2. what great pictures from your trip. love that video of Kookie best though. seems impossible Kookie would be afraid of the waves after chasing a bear down the driveway, :) hope all is well. have a great day~