Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cascades Hike

We hiked the Cascades trail in Jefferson National Forest after Labor Day.  It was one of the first sunny days we have had all summer.

The 4-mile hike follows Little Stoney Creek.

Waterfalls seemed to be more plentiful along the trail.

Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis    September 3, 2013

I was thrilled to see the Cardinal Flower bloom right next to the creek. 

Ferns covered the rocks.


 Mosses were emerald green from the plentiful rain this summer.

It seemed there were more small waterfalls along the trail than in years past, again because of all the rain.

After two miles, we approach the 60 foot waterfall.

The Cascades are a favorite of locals including these Virginia Tech students swimming near the falls.  

The two mile hike back to the parking lot is mostly downhill and flat so it goes quickly.  It's great to have such a nice trail only a few miles from our home.


  1. Those lovely sights would make the trail very enjoyable.Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Now that's my kind of hiking trail. Beautiful

  3. Ruth, The Furry Gnome, and Linley---thanks. It was a nice hike.

  4. hola.........somos Antonia e Ignacio te queríamos decir que tu blog es muy bueno ...... y nos gustaría decirte que si podrías visitar el nuestro ......
    Antonia e Ignacio

  5. I feel very lucky to live where we do! There is so much beauty all around us here! Great shots!!