Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Woodcock sighting

Last week on one of the warm days, I went up on our land in the utility vehicle to collect manure for the garden.   On the way back, I took the old logging road through the woods.  All of a sudden a bird flew up in front of the vehicle.  I turned around to see an American Woodcock....
 Can you see it, right there in the middle.  The only reason I was able to see him was that he was breathing so hard, I could see his chest heaving.   I cropped the photo below...

Not the best angle and I did not have the telephoto zoom lens but still I was excited to get a photo of him.  He sat there for awhile while I watched.   Then, Kookie, our dog, came back to check on me as she does when I stop.  I got out and held her by the collar.  The Woodcock slowly walked in the opposite direction and across the road.  I made Kookie get in the back and drove back to the house.

The woodcock will do his mating calls and courtship flights at dusk about now so I want to try walking in our woods by myself to catch this display. 

The last time I saw a woodcock was in the late 80s when I was driving down our driveway early in the morning.  There was a woodcock right in the middle of the driveway, still for awhile until I got out of the car for a closer look.  I had to look it up then but this time I knew exactly what it was.


  1. awe-some "capture". thanks for sharing.

  2. Just seeing a Woodcock is special,but getting a picture is even better.

  3. Hope you get to hear it, such a beautiful sound,

  4. Wow! That's one that will probably never make it onto my pitiful Life List! thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I love the peent of the woodcocks every spring. Great shot!

  6. Definately worth a hike in the woods.