Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. George Island Trip

We took two trips to the beach this year, St. George Island in January and Cape Hatteras Seashore in early March.  I posted the St. George photos here while the Hatteras is in the previous post.

 The best weather was the first few hours we were there when the temperature was in the 60s.

 By that evening, clouds had rolled in...

 The clouds were beautiful.

 I kept seeing this bird which I identified when I was there but can't remember the id.  Does anyone know?

Here's another shot of the bird...

 I found lots of shells and starfish on the beach as well as this glob glistening in the sunlight.

I think it is some type of jelly?  It was not that soft though.

 The reason why I chose St. George Island was because it was very dog friendly.  Unlike Cape Charles in Virginia last summer, dogs were allowed on the beach.  Other beaches along the coast don't allow dogs so it was not surprising that we saw a lot of dogs on the beach.  

After two days, the weather turned cold.  We took a little trip to St. Vincent Island where we hiked on a short trail. 
When I downloaded this photo, I thought this must have been a similar view of native Americans who first spotted European explorers.   Another thing I enjoyed about this trip was that Appalachiola was not far where I could buy fresh seafood and go shopping at the few open tourist shops.  If I go again, I would be sure to rent a house right on the beach so I could see the ocean from the house on the very cold days. 


  1. what beautiful photos from your trip. i especially love the sun rays finding their way through the clouds. it always makes me think someone is going to heaven. glad you had a nice trip. have a great day~

  2. Thanks Naquillity! We enjoyed our trip even though the last couple of days were very cold. I too see the sun rays coming through the clouds.